How do we find health, happiness and prosperity?  How do we live a life that’s fulfilling and meaningful? What is God and Truth?  These are the types of questions we hope to answer.  Life has many difficulties and navigating through them in a way that allows us to reach our full potential can be disheartening at times.

This is why our community of spiritual seekers was formed in 1913. We are unique blend of Metaphysics, New Thought and Christianity. Our philosophy can be best summarized by the quote:

“YE SHALL know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

We are founded on the principle that there is a UNIVERSAL TRUTH which all people can discover for ourselves through direct experience. We do NOT claim to know “the truth” or have “the truth,” but rather state that there is a Truth of which we become participants in with the expansion of our consciousness into the Consciousness of God.

The title “Church of Truth” has no intention of implying we have captured the truth while others have not! The intent is to convey our openness to truth from whomever or wherever it would appear. Spiritual truth is on display wherever God “shows up” in love, goodness and beauty. Jesus of the Bible is the finest example of truth exemplified in one’s being.

God’s closeness grows and expands as our consciousness continues to awaken to the immensity of God’s presence in us and the world.

New Thought

The term “New Thought” became an expression in the 1800’s for new ways of understanding God and how God is within and part of us and our world. Founding persons in the 19th century helped thinking emerge that encompassed wide range of views seeing God’s participation in our spiritual, mental and physical health and wellbeing. The “New Thought” movement arose from some of those early beliefs and teachings. ​Through meditation, contemplation and conscious living we open ourselves to the direct and personal experience of God.

We welcome all who want to join us with open arms. If this is your first time and you would like to talk to someone please put your name, phone number and email in the box bellow and we will have one of our members call you and answer any questions you may have. Otherwise, please join us at 11am on Sunday. We look forward to meeting you!