​​Center for Awakening Consciousness

The Church of Truth/Center for Awakening Consciousness Proudly Presents:


"Mantra Medicine - Riding the Wild Dragon to Freedom"

What to Expect at the:

Mantra Medicine- Riding your Wild Dragon to Freedom Workshop

  1.  Clearing Energy Field- using movement and primal sound to clear out blocked energy in body, realigning and boosting healing energy.  Honoring inner polarity to prime the shakti/kundalini pump.
  2.  Opening the gateway- activating shakti/kundalini with sacred mantra and prayer.
  3.  Partner exercises- "feel to heal" reframing stories and beliefs..transmuting fears into freedom.
  4. Group sound healing circle- give and receive healing to one another and the planet.

The Workshop participation fee is  $30 in advance and will be $35 at the door.  We look forward to transforming with you! 

Singer/Songwriter and Transformational Life Coach, Larisa Stow brings her unique brand of consciousness-raising to the Church of Truth/Center for Awakening Consciousness,  designed to wake-up and shake-up all who attend with the intent of  creating a vibration-raising revolution!

​​Church of Truth

Sunday, April 30th 2017  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm