The Vision of Albert Grier

The Vision of Albert Grier

The Vision of Albert Grier for the Church of the Truth 1926

Our universal mission is to make this Church so great and so beautiful and so filled with transforming and healing power, to make it such a demonstration of what the life lived in God may mean, that all mankind will hasten to establish just such places as this throughout the hungry, sin-sick, suffering world.

Each church is feeding a certain state of consciousness in man, and so we can bless, without one thought of condemnation, every organization, every religious movement in the world. But if we did not believe, if we did not know that there is a line of Truth, a hair-breadth line, which no other church has ever followed, there should be no excuse for this new denomination, the Church of the Truth. If I did not believe with my whole soul that it gives expression in fuller and truer outline to the vision of Jesus the Christ, I should not have dared to assist you in its organization. I am so cognizant of the fact that a peculiar and absolutely Diving Mission has been placed in our hands, that nothing can shake that conviction in my soul. And it is because I see this, that I say these words, and because many of you also realize it you will understand me.

I want to tell you now that the ultimate goal of the Church of the Truth of this ministry, is the discovering and establishing for the future of mankind the platform, broad enough os that no one who may ever come to it will be crowded off. I am seeking a kind of healing power, a kind of philosophy big enough to last mankind for all time; and if not one of you follow me, if not one of you believes as I do, I can go alone. I see that which is a thousand years from the present time, and I am speaking of the word not only for you, but for every man who comes into the world for all future generations.

This Church is the biggest thing on earth. If anyone ask me the question: “What is the ultimate work of your organization?” I want to bear testimony to thing, that its purpose, regardless of present opinions of man, is to build a church so big and broad, so Universal and so absolutely true, that no evolution of man, no progress of soul of man, no discovery of the mind of man shall be so vast that it cannot stand upon this platform which we are uncovering – for we are uncovering the Truth of Almighty God. We are trying to get at the secret of God, to find the very kernel of the thought of Jesus, to get hold of the lines of power of Infinite Intelligence, and we are striving to make them so clear that a little child can understand them. Is not that a great work to do? Oh, the Glory of a church that brings up its children to the knowledge of the mighty program of the Father!

To this Church, in addition to all its potency in the way of healing men’s bodies, in the way of healing the circumstances of their lives, in the way of giving them a power through which they may make life’s pathway smooth and ascend to the heights of God – to this Church has been given the shaping of a religion so broad, so Universal, so absolutely true that all the discoveries of all future times shall not find one flaw or one break in its structure. We are to state for men and women, today, the ultimate and absolute and perfect Truth of the Christ, so that wounds shall be healed, hearts shall be made whole, tears shall be wiped from all faces; we are to place in the hand of man the power of the God-life, and in addition to that we are to state, for all time that Truth of God on which the hope of the future of humanity rest. I am endeavoring, in the silence and in all the work which I do, to let the Holy Spirit of Truth speak to me the word that shall live throughout the ages as the word of Christ has lived since Jesus spoke upon this earth. And I pray that God will give me wisdom and power and fineness of spirit to discern, that I may lead you to the uncovering of this marvelous platform on which, by and by, at the great white throne of God, shall be gathered all the nations of the earth, all the children of our Father.

Albert C. Grier