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...practically the whole so-called Christian world has a common basis in the thought of the fall of man through Adam and the atonement for that fall by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

It should be clearly, definitely and decisively stated and understood that those of the Truth movement have no part or portion with any such concept of Jesus as that.

The question is - What did Jesus stand for? 

Obviously, a Christian is one who accepts the teaching of Jesus Christ—we might say who accepts Jesus Christ. But there are two ways of accepting a person: we can accept the person, or we can accept his message.

Jesus was a sign-post. He pointed the way; but the world, instead of taking the way, has worshipped the sign-post. To accept a person truly is to accept his message.

I am a Christian because in the first place I accept the message of Jesus Christ. No one else has given me a message which fills and thrills and inspires me as his message does. Emerson has contributed more to my life than has any other human being except Jesus; but I know that Emerson was only a partial light. Ralph Waldo Emerson, with the largest view known to the world, other than Jesus, lacked in the very vital thing which Jesus Christ had and which he manifested. No other teacher or leader in all the world has thrilled my life as has Jesus Christ, and it is no artificial thrill but a thrill that comes when one has pointed out to him in another's life that which corresponds to the deepest and highest thing in himself.

Every word that Jesus uttered regarding God I not only believe, but it is a part of the very fibre of my nature. The kind of God he tells about is the kind of God I find in my Silence, the kind of God in which I believe—God a father, God an immediate presence, God the all-in-all, ever instantly available to the call and the need of his children.

 We are gods, he tells us, and all power in heaven and earth is given unto us. Man is unhurtable, sinless, sickless, deathless, eternal—the scintillating, glorious expression of God.

Jesus recognized that the reason that man lacked anything was because he failed to contact or keep in contact with the source of all life. Jesus taught and revealed to man that all sickness, poverty, or discord of any kind was the failure to live in God. This is the revelation of Jesus as to the cause of human woe.

I am a Christian because I believe the message of Jesus Christ regarding the location of the Kingdom of Heaven—he tells us the Kingdom lies within man. It is the common belief that heaven is a place in another world, entirely different from this, to which we go when we die, but according to Jesus the Kingdom is within man. This is the fundamental teaching of the Master.

I accept the teaching of Jesus Christ about the power of good. He never gave any power to force, revenge or hatred because he knew the overcoming power of good. He knew the transforming power of good, and he proclaimed it in every word and act.

I accept Jesus as the Son of God, as the only begotten of God. Only begotten means the only one that has been fully born into the consciousness of his divinity. As all men are sons of God, Jesus was a son of God, but he knew his sonship and differed from other men only so far as this element is concerned.

I accept him as a son of God, as all men are sons of God, and in accepting him I accept his statement that all power was given unto him in heaven and earth. This was not unique with Jesus, but he was the only one who ever appropriated that power, although we all have it.

I believe in the messenger because of the Christ which he revealed, that Christ which is, as it were, the presence of God in his universe. I believe in that substance which lies back of all things, which we call God, that spirit of the universe which is the spirit that manifested itself in Jesus.

I believe that Jesus was the highest, truest and purest expression of that spirit of life which throughout eternity God has been pressing out until at last it expressed itself in one man, and which eventually will express itself in all men. I believe in that Christ; I depend upon that Christ. When I call for help, I do not call in the name of suggestion or any other mental process but I call on that Christ which is hidden and latent in all of us. I call on that Christ to awaken and give life and new power, new energy, new wisdom and new beauty to the one for whom I pray. I believe in that Christ. There would be no hope for mankind without that "Christ in me the hope of glory." Jesus came to reveal that Christ.

I not only accept the great message of Jesus, and therefore have the right to call myself a Christian, but I accept the messenger himself. I not only accept all that he taught about God and his lovingkindness but I accept all that he taught about man as the son of God--as sovereign in his soul—not a slave of circumstances but sovereign over all things.

When one tells you that which rings true, which conforms to every element of your nature and which you have demonstrated in your own life to be true, you accept not only his teachings but him.

Because the teachings of Jesus do ring true to me and are demonstrable, I call myself a Christian.

This page is comprised of quotes by the founder of our church, Dr. Albert Grier. These excerpts are taken from the book The Truth Way.