​​Church of Truth

David Barker

Please join us for what is sure to be a deeply interesting event!

​​Center for Awakening Consciousness

- Our Featured Speaker of the Week -

David Barker is a healer, public speaker, writer and spiritual seeker.  He is the creator and presenter of:

 "Conversations Worth Having," a four-part audio-visual inquiry whose purpose is to “Deconstruct Modern Myths Regarding: Food, Health, and Nutrition. Money, Debt and Value, Energy and Lost Science, Media, Misinformation and Hidden History.”  Raised as a self-described "rabid atheist", David began his spiritual unfolding thirty years ago participating in native American ceremony through which he was initiated into the meditation/prayer practice he has maintained to this day.  

He has traveled extensively in his quest for spiritual knowledge and experience, spending 7 months living in a Zen Buddhist monastery, and 100 days in India studying Tibetan and Theravadan Buddhism. He has participated in traditional and non-traditional sacred ceremonies throughout California and the Southwest, with shamans and shamanistas in the Peruvian rain forest and with lineage holders of the original indigenous people of New Zealand. David has spoken at more than a half dozen different Unitarian Universalist and Religious Science congregations in Southern California, and has been asked to officiate numerous marriage and passing ceremonies for friends and family.  He has been attending the Church of Truth and singing in the choir for the last sixteen years. This service will mark a return to public speaking after a hiatus of over five years trying to keep his mouth shut…

You can find David's work on his blog: TruthInThePublicInterest.wordpress.com