The Church of Truth Choir

Since the Church of Truth was first created we’ve had a Choir. We believe that music not just some extra part of Sunday Service, but a real form of prayer that connects us with our own inner wisdom. We welcome you to come and hear for yourself every Sunday at 11 am.

Choir Director, Composer and Musician, Tom Armbruster

“I think most anyone, young or old, would enjoy being in our choir as they can indeed learn and sing all kinds of music that is more of the ‘popular’ venue, and we (I) have sung many Broadway show tunes over the years, simply because they are beautiful songs with wonderful lyrics that have to do with spiritual thinking in many ways.”
-Gary Mortimer (Longtime Choir Member)

If you would like more info about the choir, to make an appointment to audition or simply come in to see/hear a rehearsal contact Tom Armbruster at (626) 798-1854 or