​​Center for Awakening Consciousness

​​Church of Truth

Our Founder: Dr. Albert Grier


About Us

What We Believe

​Our Center for Awakening Consciousness teaches that there is a power within us greater than anything that happens to us, and that by understanding and applying the principles of this power we can establish ourselves in health, harmony and abundance.

Our founder, Dr. Albert Grier said:  “Truth ... goes to the one source of authority - the soul of man - where God has put power and says:  Trust thyself.” 

Our belief is “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Dr. Grier’s vision was to “found a church from which man, no matter how far he advances, no matter what vision shall be granted him, will never have to depart in order to follow his highest, to answer the call of his soul.”

​Through meditation, contemplation and conscious living we open ourselves to the direct and personal experience of God.

Statement of Being

I am Spirit. I think, see, feel and live as Spirit in the presence of God. And through the power of God in me am able to manifest the perfection of Spirit in mind, body and environment.